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"Campfire" is a compelling indoor & outdoor toy consisting of a simulated campfire with flickering firelight and crackling fire & outdoor nighttime sounds. The toy would include campfire accessory components (Please See Below) that compliment the toy's "sitting around the campfire" play pattern. The toy's internal, electronic, sound and light generating components also serve to provide boys and girls, ages 4 years and older, additional campfire play activities including: singing campfire songs, listening to campfire stories, viewing nighttime starlight displays, as well as simulated campfire cooking play.

Potential Accessory Components Include: Inflatable Log Seats; Marshmallow Sticks; Cooking Grate; Cooking Utensils; Play Campfire Food; and Carry & Storage Knapsack.

Below is a short demo movie of the original campfire model with toy food play. The color and clarity of the demo is not very good. However, it does provide a view of where this concept started from.

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Preliminary "Campfire" Model Movie

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